With all the offensiveness going on today, I am offended by the offensiveness of it all. I am offended by the ones who can find offensiveness in everything they see. Maybe we need a coalition to ban offensive coalitions. Ban the ones who can find offensiveness everything. If we don’t stop this shit now, we will be in hell without a snowballs chance. If you think it will go away, your right! It will all go away and we will be living the dream of a dictator society. Just like Hitler’s dream of Germany. A shot won’t even be fired. They are already doing it in the name of safety and security. Think about what you lost since the events of September eleven two thousand one. We are all guilty until proven innocent.
Recently I heard that the flag of the state of Tennessee is up to be changed. Because the colors are offensive in the lay out.


Three stars in the middle represent the three parts of this long East West state, East, Middle, and West Tennessee. Unified even though it’s spread out. But somehow it’s offensive.
Look at Arkansas, it may be on the cutting board as well….


I don’t know the history on this flag so I cannot lie. But it could be just as offensive as Tennessee. Go figure. The only state I know of of the top of my head that doesn’t use some sort of red white and blue is new Mexico. It’s a yellow flag with the native sunrise on it. But I am sure it will be on the block too.
The real question is this, how much of our history and heritage had to be removed before certain folks are happy?
Mean while as this is all happening, something is taking place while we are all fighting over a flag. More government control of our lives. The things we have fought for, for two and a half centuries is being taken away. The men and women who have died defending this freedom will be for nothing. Rolling in their graves. There was some conversation done time ago in an organization I belong to. This was about how a president can get more terms. One way is actually happening slowly, that is to declare Marshall law. And by getting the people to fight themselves, like the flag issue and cop issue, Marshall law can be declared, and the president gets to remain. So we all need to think of this while we argue and start doing stupid shit, we need to remember it can cause the Marshall law to be declared. Pass this post on, pass on this part of this post more importantly to every one one you know and meet. This is the only way we can stop a civil war.

Wake up America, or there won’t be one….
Rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell………

love and kinks from abezure the owned slave.